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Preventative Dentistry

If you are worried and think you may have bad breath, you must ask your dentist or hygienist and they will help to establish whether or not you have a problem - over 90% of odours causing bad breath come from within the mouth.

Please select from the list of preventative dental treatments to learn more.
  • Children
    Fluoride applications and fissure sealants for protection against decay
  • Dental Hygienist
    Scale & polishing teeth and teaching you how to keep them clean
  • Bad Breath
    Improve your social life with fresh breath
  • Gum Disease
    Treatment of swelling, soreness or infection of the gum tissues
  • Decay Detection
    Detect early decay and prevent unnecessary discomfort
  • Mouth Cancer Screening
    Smoking, drinking and unhealthy diets increases risks of mouth cancer. Early detection increases chances of survival.
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