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Rosebank Dental Practice

New Patients

Book a New Patient Consultation


New Patient appointment includes the following:


30 minute appointment


Extensive assessment of teeth and gums


X-rays and Radiography


Digital Photography


Extensive advice on looking after your teeth at home

All for £70

New Patient Experience

Our overall goal is to provide you with the highest quality restorative and preventative dental care available.

As a new patient we will sit down with you and spend time to develop an individualised treatment plan to help you reach your goals in coordination with your dental budget. We welcome your questions at your appointment and look forward to meeting you.

We value your safety.

Your health and safety are always our top priorities. That is why our practice maintains the highest standards of cleanliness and sterilisation. We are a Denplan and BUPA accredited practice.

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"Very caring and attentive service in a beautiful surgery... "

...Dr Popat is really professional and highly skilled, he definitely knows his trade!

"Brilliant practice and brilliant dentist Shameek... "

....I had very eroded teeth that needed to be rebuilt without any more tooth being removed in the process. Shameek brilliantly built up my teeth using new techniques focussed on conservation of any teeth remaining. And they were done so beautifully that I now have a stunning smile with perfect teeth. Thank you to the whole team at Rosebank!

"The patient care is second to none. "

My family and I have been going to the Rosebank dentist Practice for a number of years. Dr Shameek Popat and his team are all welcoming and friendly. The patient care is second to none. 

Dr Shameek is very thorough with his consultation and will give the best advice. He is very professional and a perfectionist.  From start to finish Dr Shameek made me feel at ease, has a very calming manner when I was feeling anxious. Rosebank have the latest equipment and digital technology, treatment is done to a very high standard. 

Thank you so much for my wonderful new smile. It has given me more confidence. 
I would highly recommend Dr Shameek. He is amazing and a miracle worker!

"Dr Joshi was very caring, and professional. "

My first consult with Dr Nejal Joshi today. After a few years of teeth problems and lack of confidence due to this I felt quite anxious. I was greeted by a very friendly receptionist and during my consult, Dr Joshi was very caring, and professional. She gave my teeth a thorough exam and took the time to discuss my treatment plan. My anxiety issues disappeared. Now I'm actually looking forward to treatment to improve my smile. Highly recommend Rosebank Dental Practice.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much does an initial consultation cost and how long does it take?
    An initial consultation involves a full medical history, clinical examination of your jaw and teeth, gum health check, oral cancer screen, necessary digital radiographs and colour digital photos of your smile. The appointment usually lasts 30 minutes and cost £45.00. At the end of the consultation, a treatment plan discussed and agreed with you is formulated and an estimate given. Subsequent, routine examinations cost £24.50.
  • What do I do out of hours, if I have a dental emergency?"
    Please call the dental practice where the answer phone message will give you details of the out of surgery hours emergency helpline. Please remember to call before 11.30am on the weekends if you would like to speak to the emergency dentist on call.
  • What is a hygienist?
    Dental hygienists are specially trained to work with the dentists in providing care to the patient. They play an important role in dental health care and are mainly concerned with gum health,education in correct home care and the application of preventative materials to the teeth and gums. The hygienist's main role is to provide professional cleaning of the teeth and gums for the patient. This is usually called scaling and polishing. However, prehaps their most important role is the education of the patient in the best way to keep teeth free of plaque. The hygienist will work with your dentist to provide care tailored to your needs.
  • I hate the dark line around my front crowns, it wasn’t there when they were first fitted."
    You probably have bonded browns and the dark line that you can see is the metal substructure of the crown, onto which the porcelain layer is bonded (hence the name). At the time of fitting this join between the crown and your tooth was probably hidden underneath the edge of the gum. Over time your gum has shrunk back a little, exposing the join line. The alternative is all porcelain crowns which tend to look more natural as they transmit light in a similar way to normal tooth enamel. In some cases the bite against the lower teeth is so close that only a bonded brown will do the job. We can give you advice on your particular situation.
  • I’d love to whiten the colour of my teeth. Does whitening damage the enamel at all?
    No, it stays just as strong. Some people experience sensitivity but this is usually easy to control. Call us if you would like to discuss different options to whiten your teeth.
  • How can I close the gaps between my teeth?
    Depending on the situation, gaps can be closed either with orthodontic treatment or by bonding or by porcelain veneers. This requires analysis to make sure the teeth are property proportioned and fit the frame of the lips and the size of the face.
  • Are tooth coloured fillings better than silver/mercury fillings?
    Depends on where the filling is and what size it is. Aside from the unappealing appearance of silver fillings, they can cause teeth to fracture and leak over time. However, the dentist needs to know where and how to use the tooth coloured material. As a simple rule- the smaller the filling, the better it is to use resin composites tooth coloured materials. As fillings get bigger, porcelain tooth coloured restorations are highly recommended.
  • How can I get straighter teeth without braces?
    We can offer Invisalign Clear Aligners as an alternative to fixed braces. Invisalign aligners are Removable, Comfortable and nearly Invisible. If you do not want any braces then we can use Porcelain Veneers. Using porcelain veneers we not only accomplish a straighter smile, but we also permanently lighten, lengthen and repair broken or worn teeth. However, your dentist needs to assess your mouth to see if the treatment is suitable for you.
  • Can I do anything about my smelly breath?
    Decaying teeth and unhealthy gums can give off unpleasant odour. Up to 90% of halitosis (bad breath) comes from oral causes. The primary sites for odour causing bacteria are the tongue and gums. Elimination of halitosis involves bacterial removal and destruction of sulphur compounds. Over the counter mouthwashes, toothpastes and mints only cover up bad breath with stronger more pleasant odour but does not eliminate the cause. The dentist will check the mouth thoroughly for any factors causing the bad breath and he may recommend you to see a hygienist to get your mouth up to scratch and improve your cleaning.
  • What are implants?
    Implants are false “roots” made of titanium inserted into the jawbone. Once the implant is stable, it can be used as the foundation for a crown. Success rates are approximately 80%. Your dentist can tell you if these are suitable for you.
Frequently Asked

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