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Cosmetic Dentistry

I had ground my teeth for most of my life... the teeth were stub like and I had an awful smile...

...I had minimal prep veneers, and he was able to build up the rest using composite...

I now have a great smile, I can smile and laugh with confidence!

An attractive smile can increase your confidence allowing you to appear friendlier, younger and healthier at weddings, reunions, interviews, presentations and even your next date! 

Your teeth and gums can be restored to their natural, healthy state and also aesthetically improved to give you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted at competitive, affordable fees. Having whiter, straighter, shorter or longer teeth without gaps are all possible. We'll reshape your teeth to provide you with that perfect smile you've always dreamed of.

Composite bonding is an increasingly popular cosmetic dental treatment that is used to improve the shape, colour and overall appearance of patients' teeth. It uses the same resin material used for white fillings, and is most frequently used on the front teeth – those that show when you smile.

There have been huge advances in the materials used in bonding dentistry in recent years, meaning composite bonding can be used for disguising minor imperfections in the front teeth, closing small gaps and hiding minor tooth rotations, with no damage to your teeth.

Composite bonding is a pain-free experience that requires, in most cases, just one visit to the practice. Your dentist will be able to choose a shade of resin that closely matches the colour of your teeth, meaning that the results will look entirely natural.

This is how they work:

  1. Your dentist picks a shade of resin that matches the natural colour of your teeth.

  2. The resin is carefully applied to your teeth, with no need for any work or damage to them.

  3. Your dentist then carefully shapes and smooths the resin to hide any imperfections, for a result that looks entirely natural.

  4. Once the resin has been shaped, it is hardened very quickly with the help of a special light

Although composite bonding treatment does not last as long as veneers, many patients find the treatment is highly cost-effective. It can also be repeated with no damage at all to your teeth.

Life Benefits


A natural, healthy smile that you are proud to show off.


No preparation of your teeth is required, meaning they remain strong.


Treatment can usually be completed in one short visit to the practice.

How the Treatment Works

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