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Rosebank Dental Practice

"A smile is the universal welcome"

Max Eastman, American Poet 1883 -1969

Every patient is important to us and our reputation is built upon the real care, professionalism and empathy which is our mission.

Our Philosophy is the 'Five ways of Being'

Rosebank Dental Practice
Rosebank Dental Practice
Rosebank Dental Practice
Rosebank Dental Practice
Rosebank Dental Practice
Rosebank Dental Practice - Shameek Popat - Chorleywood Dentist
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Welcome to Rosebank Dental,

where beautiful smiles are created...

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you at Rosebank Dental Practice. Dr Shameek Popat and his caring team at Rosebank Dental pride themselves on giving you the highest quality dental care in a comfortable and state of the art environment.

Our Patients

Our patients know that we care about them and that we aim to offer a service that will exceed their expectations. Your smile is important to us, so we will use the latest technology to keep it beautiful and healthy. Once we determine your dental needs, we’ll work with you on a plan for the smile of your dreams whilst making treatment as positive and painless an experience as possible.

Dr Shameek Popat

New Patient appointment includes the following:


30 minute appointment


Extensive assessment of teeth and gums


X-rays and Radiography


Digital Photography


Extensive advice on looking after your teeth at home

All for £70

Book a New Patient Consultation

Treatments at Rosebank Dental Practice

Free E-Consultation

Do you feel awkward or self-conscious about your smile?

Do you cover your mouth when you talk, laugh or smile?

When the camera shutter opens, do your lips close?

Do you hate close-up shots?

Do you avoid using bright lipstick because you’re afraid of

highlighting your discoloured teeth?

Have you ever grown a moustache or beard to hide your smile?

Follow these simple steps

  • Upload your full smile selfie

  • Tell us what you want to change about your smile

  • We'll call you back to explain the different options 

Winners of the following awards:

Monika Patel
PD Awards Team 2010
Dr  Shameek Popt Kois Graduation
Shameek Smile Awards
Smile Awards
The Dentistry Awards
Private Dentistry Awards
The Dental Awards
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