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Frequently Asked Questions

Rosebank Dental Practice
Shire Lane, Chorleywood
Hertfordshire WD3 5NH
Tel: 01923 282 691
Email: click here
Map: click here

How much does an initial consultation cost and how long does it take?

What do I do out of hours, if I have a dental emergency?

What is a hygienist?

I hate the dark line around my front crowns, it wasn’t there when they were first fitted.

I'd love to whiten the colour of my teeth. Does whitening damage the enamel at all?

How can I close the gaps between my teeth?

Are tooth coloured fillings better than silver/mercury fillings?

How can I get straighter teeth without braces?

Can I do anything about my smelly breath?

What are implants?

If you have any other questions, please fee free to email us with your query.
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