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Cosmetic Dentistry

An attractive smile can increase your confidence allowing you to appear friendlier, younger and healthier at weddings, reunions, interviews, presentations and even your next date!

Your teeth and gums can be restored to their natural, healthy state and also aesthetically improved to give you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted at competitive, affordable fees. Having whiter, straighter, shorter or longer teeth without gaps are all possible. We'll reshape your teeth to provide you with that perfect smile you've always dreamed of.

Please select from the list of cosmetic dental treatments to learn more.
  • Teeth Whitening
    Brighten your teeth by several shades with our BriteSmile or Enlighten 1 hour power whitening in the surgery, maintained with our home kits.
  • Porcelain Veneers
    Improve your smile by lengthening and reshaping teeth and closing gaps between teeth. Ask about a complete smile makeover!
  • White Fillings
    Remove unsightly silver metal fillings and replace them with tooth coloured fillings for a whiter smile.
  • Broken Teeth
    Restore broken and chipped teeth after accidents
  • Crowns & Bridges
    Replace a few missing teeth with a natural looking caps
  • Dentures
    Replace many missing teeth with support to your cheeks and lips
  • Dental Implants
    Replace missing teeth with state-of-the-art implant technology
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